Sunday, September 10, 2006

My Turn:)

Not only has Zenos been getting cool new loot, but I have managed to pick up some nice items as well. The guild that we joined (OmegaMuGamma) is quite far in endgame progression, which has been awesome for us since we hadn't experienced anything past MC with our characters. They have BWL completely on farm status, and we've been making headway in AQ40 (downed Huhuran) and Naxx (downed Razuvious). OMG also seems to have Transcendence loot drop like water, so even though I don't have very much dkp I've somehow managed to get 6/8 trans already (I came into the guild with 2 pieces of it).

In our last BWL run, which was on Friday, I picked up 3 pieces of trans: boots, bracers, and shoulders. I've already gotten them enchanted as well.

I now have the 5/8 set bonus, which you can see in the shoulders pic. It's pretty sweet stuff:)

Here's what I'm looking like nowadays:


Hexapuma said...

Seems like the old guild getting disbanded wasn't such a bad thing after all... grats to the new toys =)

Zarina said...

I suppose in the end it was a "good" thing that the guild broke up so that Zenos and I could finally see endgame content, but it was still a hard way to have it happen. I would love to still be raiding with the old group, but in the end it just couldn't be.

What's good though is that we really like the new guild, they raid a ton and we love to raid so it's a good the guildies are awesome and I'm glad we're with them now.

It's a new chapter for us.