Monday, October 30, 2006


I thought it was about time to introduce you, our faithful readers, to my first character ever in WoW. Her name is Arsinoe, and I played this character from release till about October 2005. She is on the Draenor realm.

She is now "retired," but I had a lot of good times on her. I eventually realized that I did not enjoy playing a druid, and right around that time Zenos and I rerolled anyways. She doesn't have the greatest gear, but at the time I thought she was great. She's in 7/8 cenarion (missing that damn belt!), with an aurastone hammer and a fire-runed grimoire. I spent a lot of time just exploring and socializing with this character, and I have fond memories of the first guild I was in with her, and of the great people I met (shout-out to Roxy/Sedai!).

Next up, I'd like you all to meet my current alt: Ismenia, and her trusty side-kick Orpheus!

Many of you will recognize my pet as being Humar, the only black lion in the game. I got him as soon as I hit level 23, and he's been with me ever since. I just dinged 52 tonight, and I'm having a blast just grinding with this char. I did AV just the other night for the first time, and got my icy barb spear. I also bought a Hurricane bow for her, and it's so fun! I blow through arrows so fast, but it's worth it. This character keeps me sane, as I only grind with instances, no dealing with other people (for the most part), and just doing things at my own pace. I have to say that hunters are right up there with priests for me...they're both equally enjoyable. I think I enjoy hunter a tad more right now, just because it's somewhat new still, and I love having a pet!


Excaliber1 said...

Hola! Just like to stop by and say you two have a incredible blog =] keep it up its great!

Yet Another NE said...

I'm also a priest who is leveling up a hunter alt. I'm trying really hard not to start raiding with her, because she's really self-sufficient when I don't compare her to anyone else.

There is that allure of raiding epics, but really I'd rather just get her an epic mount and enjoy pvping with her here and there.

I see you two canceled your accounts, look forward to reading your blog again when you come back for BC