Tuesday, October 10, 2006


So, it's finally my turn for some loots again!

After months of wearing my ZG Flowing Ritual Robes, I finally got a new chestpiece!

Tonight in AQ40 I received Robes of the Guardian Saint!!! Some people think they're ugly, but I like them! I just wear my Argent Dawn Tabard and I think it looks sexy!

I also recently got a new wand out of Naxxramus, Wand of the Whispering Dead

Both are extremely nice items, and I'm quite excited:) Best of all, I'm not in an ugly red robe anymore! Woot!

1 comment:

Sinker said...


So is this your post for the month? :P

Come on, I know you have some guild drama to rant about. I hear some stuff on the TFC Vent server, I know yous gots problems!

Ok seriously, grats on the perty purples, and keep truckin in Naxx.