Thursday, October 12, 2006

Okay's a post for Sinker:P

Alright, Sinker I'm dedicating this post to you lol:P The reason we don't post very often is we just don't have time! Between work and WoW and all the other little stuff, I have very little free time anymore :(

Ok, so yeah lots has been happening in the "new" guild. I think we've been part of our guild now for about two months or so. Things are going alright, no guild is ever perfect and almost all are full of constant drama. There's lots of priest drama, mainly because one is a lootwhore and decided that he needed 2 robes before some of us even got 1, and the other is just a complete jackass who is incredibly rude and reminds me a lot of a certain mage in the old guild...

Most of the people are cool, but there are blatant lootwhores in the guild, others who just talk too much in vent, and others who are completely full of themselves. /Ignore and mute in vent work wonders for my sanity though. Not much I can do about the lootwhores, wish the system was regulated better (that 2 robe issue would NEVER have happened in Cont...EVER). There is some inflation in our DKP system too, but supposedly they are planning to revamp the system with the expansion.

Overall I do like the guild, I think we raid too much (7 days a week....too much). We're not forced to come every night though, even though Zenos and I pretty much do. I think the guild could be a lot better if people would just try harder and not screw off (which frequently happens), but this guild still does pretty well. We clear BWL with ease, are making attempts at the Twin Emps in AQ40, and have downed Ras and Anub in Naxx.

And don't get me wrong, there are some really cool people in the guild. Most are complete perverts, so I feel right at home:P I really miss the old guildies (well some of them...) but I just couldn't bring myself to lvl another character on a new server. Zarina is my reroll character, and plus I've already done the alliance char thing:P Maybe one day when I have some more free time I'll get around to lvling over there....

Personally I think the expansion is going to change a ton of things with this I'm not sure what I'll be doing in two months. I hope they change this game enough so it's fresh again...lvling to 70 should be fun though:) Looking forward to that.

Hope this is a long enough post for you, Sinker:P

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Sinker said...

Yes, I approve. :P

I couldn't raid 7 nights a week, so I'm glad you like it. I couldn't deal with the drama, I'd be flipping out in Vent all the time.

I'll probably be back on Cho'gall to level Sinker to 70, but only part-time. I was going to wait to level him, but Blizzard went and made the new Druid talent trees awesome today. :P

I think my main still remain on TFC. I don't care if I get epics as long as I get to play with the people that rerolled there.

You and Zenos will have to roll some Draenai over here to mess around with post-BC.